Meet Chloe!

Hi Everyone!

I've been somewhat quiet with photoshoots the last 2 months mostly due to family matters but another reason is because my fiancé and I welcomed this beautiful little girl into our family! Meet Chloe! At the beginning of the year we were talking about getting a dog but didn't tell many people until we officially got her. We met this beautiful little girl when she was 3 weeks old and we were smitten. We brought her home a few days after she turned 8 weeks old and she has been the best little thing to come into our lives in a while. 

She joins my boy Mac, who is also a boxer and turns 8 in July, and Jenny who is my fiancé's family Bichon! The dogs are quite taken with her but know when to put her in her place haha!

So next time you're over for a shoot in my studio you will not only be greeted by my gorgeous boy Mac but my little love bug Chloe! Prepare for lots of kisses!

Until next time,

Lisa-Marie xo