How I Got The Shot: Fashion Photography

Hello beautiful people!

I have done 3 blogs this month…what is going on?!

I wanted to do a blog on one of my favourite fashion photography shoots to date.

I have always been inspired by Jingna Zhan’s work. It is so soft, feminine and beautiful; something I try and create with my images (unless I am doing something WILD). I have a HUGE list of inspiration and this shoot has been sitting dormant for a few years…until just last week. Freya had contacted me a while ago and we just were never able to set anything up with schedules etc. She was leaving for Hong Kong the next day and I NEEDED to shoot with her. The day before I went shopping as I wanted to style the shoot myself, anyone need a stylist? ;) Kendra became part of our team for hair and makeup and the whole set, team, clothing just worked so beautifully together.

I used one Elinchrom Litemotiv, camera right (Shock!) and my large living room window created a beautiful fill light on the left. I grabbed some flowers from Save On Foods while I was getting groceries that morning. I didn’t want the typical roses so I found some that were different. We shot some of these with natural light which was beautiful but the light from the Litemotiv just made everything pop and flow together. The editing was something I had so much fun with. I wanted it to look more painterly so I experimented and ended up loving the results! There is still more to come from this shoot so make sure to follow me on Instagram at @lisamariephotog to see the next set!

What’s your favourite image you’ve shot recently?

Until next time,

Lisa-Marie xo