It’s hard for me to out in words how much I respect Lisa-Marie and her creative mind. Just less than three years ago I got to shoot with her as a model, right from the start she was different from any other photographer I shot with, she had a vision for each shoot and knew exactly when she got the shot. Not to mention her ideas and visions are amazing and individual. It’s hard to come across a photographer that has it all and I can honestly say that Lisa-Marie has it all. She is so professional and welcoming at the same time and efficient but also you feel like you can explore the concept yourself as a model and try new things which makes room for magic and to capture something entirely different than you thought but amazing. I feel honoured to work with Lisa-Marie as I know her time is so valued. The thing that sets Lisa-Marie apart from anyone else I’ve met in her craft is the small details that she pays attention too. From the makeup on the model to the editing, once everything is done and so many others in in between. If you’re working with Lisa-Marie be ready to fall in love with the images you see as well as the adventure of creating them together.
— Billee Canning (Model)
I started shooting with Lisa-Marie 2 years ago and to be completely honest she’s probably the reason I am where I am today in my career. As a model it’s so amazing and so special to find someone you just click with when you shoot, it’s like shooting with a best friend. Lisa-Marie has taught me so much and really offered me a hand and step up when I needed it most. She has pushed me to learn, and better educate myself in the industry,she also really helped me learn how to pose & gave me a chance when few others did. Beyond this her talent, professionalism & creative style make her a truly phenomenal & unique photographer to work with. Through working with Lisa-Marie I’ve come to know her as a friend and from what I’ve learned about her, her sheer perseverance & tenacity are so inspirational, and something I truly admire. Thank you Lisa-Marie for being such an amazing friend, colleague, inspiration and fellow artist in the fashion industry.
— Rielle Taylor (Model)
Lisa-Marie is not only extremely dedicated to her craft, but she is multitalented, adaptable, and able to use her keen sense of fashion to orchestrate the highest quality imagery. She’s a photographer, she’s a stylist, she’s a coach all rolled into one.
— Jill Billingsley (Model)
Working with Lisa-Marie should definitely be on anyone’s bucket list if they are looking for not only to love the pictures but also the whole experience of a photoshoot! Definitely one of the best photographers I have worked with: she is talented, humble, passionate about her job, kind, and has a great sense of humour. Also, impeccable taste and an eye for detail. I am an introvert type of person but I always feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed at her studio or shooting on location. I just want to say how grateful I am for all the opportunities to work with Lisa-Marie (and sometimes her wonderful mom as assistant), I hope for many more fun shoots and collaborations together!
— Iuliia Sutygina (Model)
I always remember the first photo by Lisa Marie Photography I saw. I fell in love and instantly became a fan of her work.
When I think of Lisa Marie and her work, so many words come to mind. She is creative, passionate, inovative, unique, inspiring, dedicated, amazingly talented and her photography is just simply beautiful.
She is a role model, ambassador, mentor and absolute professional in this industry and very much an advocate of supporting others whether it be new models, designers, photographers, make up artists etc. If your paths cross you will always take away a fond new experience from Lisa Marie!
I consider myself blessed with having had the opportunity to work with Lisa Marie not only as a model a few times, but also getting to know her on a personal level and following her work as a loyal fan for quite a few years now.
Each and every experience was comfortable, fun, professional, engaging and interactive. Lisa Marie puts her heart into her work. She has such great attention to detail and isnt afraid to push her boundries during a shoot and certainly knows when she has gotten “the shot!”
Lisa Marie is beyond talented at her craft and in my opinion has created a style & vision of her own with the growth of her photography over the past few years . I can tell you that she is not only an amazing photographer, she is also one of the most kind, genuine, compassionate and caring human beings I have had the pleasure to know both within and outside the industry.
Anyone who has had or has the opportunity to work with Lisa Marie should be considered very lucky in my eyes and will certainly not be disappointed with their experience!
Thank you Lisa Marie for the artist you are, for the lives you touch and the endless love for photography that you share in each and everyone of your photos that your camera captures ❤ I Can’t wait to see where the next 5 years takes you LM !
— Tricia Rozendaal (Model)
From the very first moment I met Lisa-Marie, we connected on a whole different level and we have become family! She is passionate, inspiring, and pours her heart and soul into her work. I have never met someone so genuine and I’m forever grateful I was able to meet with, work with, learn from, and be inspired from such a beautiful woman. Lisa-Marie, thank you for making the world a better place with your photography, you’re truly one of a kind!
— Tristan Setzer (Photographer & Model)
Lisa-Marie’s work is undeniably amazing, and that’s easy to see. However, I was curious what the woman behind the camera was like. Within moments of meeting her, you can see the quality of her character matches her skill. She is knowledgeable, respectful, friendly, understanding, and has the ability to build an honest and trusting bond in a matter of moments. Working with her was so comfortable and fun, and she makes you feel invaluable to her process. Working with Lisa-Marie is an inspiring and educational experience to say the least.
— Kendra McCourt (Makeup Artist & Hairstylist)
If you’re looking for a professional, talented, ambitious, creative, and all round wonderful photographer Lisa-Marie is that AND MORE. She is an amazing person and makes you feel very comfortable on set, always has great tips and makes your laugh for those candid shots too ;)
— Anya Yahnishchak (Model)
Lisa-Marie is a talented artist who produces works of art through her lens. When working with her, it is clear she has a passion for what she does. She has an eye for beauty and getting “the shot”. Behind the scenes Lisa-Marie is a kind hearted, intelligent and inspirational woman. Having the opportunity to work with her is a fun and comfortable experience, and I’m always more than pleased with the images.
— Avery Sheppard (Model)
Working with Lisa-Marie for one of my first professional shoots was an amazing experience. From the moment I stepped onto that set she was welcoming and encouraging throughout the whole experience. I can’t stress enough the passion and love that I have heard and seen that Lisa-Marie puts into her work and it was a honour to work alongside her.
— Morgan Oijen (Model)
Lisa-Marie is beyond wonderful to work with! She puts in all her passion and love into every photo she takes and edits! I have done to two shoots with her and it’s always like working with a best friend. She is kind, passionate, creative, the list can go on and on! Every shoot with her I feel like I have learnt something new and come out feeling more confident. I have fallen I love with her work and can not wait to work with her again! Thank you to my Scottish sister Lisa-Marie!
— Sabrina Hotton (Model)
When I shot with Lisa-Marie at The People Model Camp, I was nervous. I had about fifteen minutes to shoot and I wanted it to be perfect. This wasn’t hard to achieve since I had Lisa-Marie guiding me along the way. She knew exactly what to say, and exactly what to do and she managed to create such beautiful work in such a short amount of time. She is the epiphany of a hard-working, kindhearted soul. If you have worked with Lisa-Marie, you have worked with someone who will leave a mark on you forever, someone who you hope that one day you can achieve the qualities she possesses. I will forever be grateful to have worked with such an amazing photographer and an even better person.
— Codi Atwood (Model)
I had been modeling for about a year when I had the pleasure of working with Lisa-Marie at The People Model Camp back in July 2019. She was very organized and timely as she went through 25 mini beauty shoots for the girls/women at the camp, and she even supplied different types of props for each of us! I watched as she guided the newer models through some basic beauty poses and then praised them as they got the hang of it. Lisa-Marie was very patient and supportive to all the ladies that she worked with that day. When we received the proofs from the camp I was amazed at the quality of the images and I honestly thought some of them had already been edited (they were that good in photo-quality)! Lisa-Marie is an incredible person and photographer, and I can’t wait to work with her again!!
— Kendra Melnychuk (Model)
Lisa-Marie is a wonderful and excellent photographer. For the past couple of times, I had the gracious and wonderful opportunity to work with her. She is very professional, creative/out of the box thinker, kind, loyal, trustworthy, funny, incredible, as well as easy to work with. I would definitely recommend that anyone should work with her, and hire her. Working with her, will bring you a pot of gold!
— Aidan Gurrera (Photographer)